Terms and Conditions

1. Fabric inspection

You are responsible for inspecting your fabrics within 3 days of arrival. In case of problem, you must contact us within this period. The fabric should not have been washed or cut.

2. Imperfections

Imperfections of less than 1 cm², or which appear less than 3 "selvedges or on the wrong side of the fabric are not considered as a defect and the fabric will therefore not be refunded or exchanged.  If there are larger imperfections that we may not have seen prior to shipment, we will resolve the issues on a case-by-case basis, depending on fabric availability and / or the size of the defect. Condition # 1 still applies.

3. Washing care

We are not responsible for any problems related to the maintenance (washing, drying, etc.) of your fabrics. You need to make sure you know the makeup of your fabrics and the ideal way to care for them in order to preserve their original condition.

Our main recommendations are to always pre-wash your fabrics separately, in cold water and without bleach. NEVER leave a wet printed fabric in the washer when it is no longer in motion to avoid discoloration. The use of the dryer is not recommended for fabrics containing a high percentage of elastic fibers, such as spandex, for example, as this could be damaged much more quickly.

Some fabric discoloration is "normal", especially if the fabric is dark, or if it contains a large percentage of natural fiber.

4. Colors

Colors and appearance of prints may vary depending on fabric composition. Printing the same print can give a different result depending on the fabric base chosen and this is quite normal.

The color you see on the screen may also be different from what you will receive since each screen displays different colors and also because several images are digital images and not photos of the actual product.

The digital print fabrics are printed on the right side and the wrong side is white.

5. Pre-order

Pre-order fabrics are shipped within 8 to 10 weeks from the time the pre-order is closed. The opening dates of a pre-order can sometimes be extended to an additional week. If a fabric had to be reprinted due to some problem, it can happen, on rare occasions, that the delay before shipping a pre-order is longer than expected. In this case, you will be notified as soon as possible. If you make for customers, it is not recommended to promise them an item with a pre-order fabric.

You must be careful to select the correct fabric base desired, as no changes or cancellations will be possible once your order has been completed.

Please do not combine in the same order fabrics that are on pre-order with fabrics that are in stock. You will sometimes be able to add fabrics in stock when the pre-order is in progress and a publication about it is made on the Facebook page. Please note that the addition of stock fabric will not necessarily be announced / authorized with each pre-order. No reservations or set aside will be made in the meantime in order to keep good inventory management. If you place an order for stock fabrics separately, it will be shipped to you within the usual time frame and will not be held here until the pre-order arrives, so no refund of shipping costs will be made.

6. Cutting the fabric

In order to continue to offer you a fast and efficient service, no multiple cuts will be made in the same fabric. For example, if you order 5 yards of any fabric and ask us in the notes to cut it into different lengths, it will still be sent to you in one piece.

Please note, however, that sometimes it is not possible to continuously cut orders of 3 meters and more from the same fabric. A major defect may require us to cut the fabric. If this is the case, we will notify you as soon as possible to discuss it with you. 

It is quite normal for some fabric bases to have white selvedges on either side of the print area. These selvedges are obviously not counted in the width of the fabric inscribed in the description. These are usually not cut simply to save time and keep a good time processing order.

7. Dimensions of patterns and panels

The dimensions of the patterns and panels are approximate and may always vary by plus or minus 1cm from what is indicated. This is not intentional, it is simply because it is sometimes impossible to perfectly control the dimensions during printing.

8. Promotional codes

Promotional codes must be applied during checkout. It will not be possible to apply them once your order has been completed, nor to cancel your order to start over.