About us

Petite Pelure was born in 2016, when I started making clothes for my daughter. Over the years, people around me asked me more and more to sew them clothes for their children too. At that time, I opened an online store to offer my confections to the main stakeholders, while keeping my full time job as a dispensing optician.

Baby2 then arrived in our lives and time was running out for clothes, but I still wanted to shop for beautiful original fabrics. So much so that I realized that the fabrics, and especially the designs on them, really fascinated me. Time has passed and baby3 has joined the family too! So I decided to take a break and think about my professional life, my dreams and what I really wanted to leave to my children. The verdict was that they have a happy mother and that they understand that anything is possible when you really believe in it. 

So I left my training job and I started head first and full-time in Petite Pelure. At the same time, I made the decision to transform my clothing company into an online fabric store, because I found that this is what allows me to achieve myself the most artistically. I've always liked computer graphics, graphics, photos, so I think it went without saying. Art has always been an integral part of my life, since I also did a DEC in music before taking the one to become an optician.

In short, Petite Pelure she is a mother artist who returns to her roots, and who now allows herself to live off her passions, as she has always dreamed of. She's also a solo mom, who often has a hard time, but who loves her job!

Hope you like my choice of fabrics! ♡